AI to unleash human potential

Taller's AI platform allows us to outperform competitors, gives clients access to exceptional talent with assured delivery, and helps talented engineers build their dream careers.

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We think AI should unleash human potential, not restrict it.

Together with our clients, partners, and Talent Collective, we’re creating a world where AI swiftly, precisely, and cost-effectively connects the right people with the right jobs, no matter where they sit.

We’re building AI tools to take your time back.

We’re eliminating hours of mundane, inefficient recruitment and job search tasks, so companies and talent can focus on the human – and see a positive impact on their bottom line.

And help take your jobs back, too.

AI's taking your job? Well, we're taking it back. We're harnessing this transformational technology to unlock the vast untapped potential of the new digital workforce, so companies and workers can expand their opportunities and thrive.

Under the Hood

Taller’s proprietary machine learning models have been trained on very-large-scale and real-world project data (jobs / resources, requirements / outcomes) since 2018.

We apply these highly customized and complex large IT-language models to analyze a client’s job requirements and present the most optimal team composition, while predicting and preventing suboptimal results along the way.

By machine-analyzing billions of lines of code and continuously simulating outcomes, Taller’s learning algorithms can determine a client’s exact project requirements and success indicators for assembling a winning team.

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Our AI Engine

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Company Insights

Analyzes publicly available information to predict client goals, requirements, and needed skills 

Analyzes publicly available information to gain insight into company culture, technology goals, career paths, and tech stack to predict what you want to achieve, then details the requirements and skills needed to get there.
Team Builder

Determines optimal team structure, generates job descriptions and tech assessments, standardizes resumes

Takes the analysis generated by Company Insights and determines the type of team needed (size, composition, seniority levels, skills) to meet your project and company goals – then generates job descriptions, tech assessments, and standardized candidate resume
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Matches candidates to skills, team, culture

Skills-based, taxonomy-driven analytics; adaptive quizzing; and ML “look-alike” matching effectively transfers “success templates” across differing learning models/test modalities.
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Monitors for attrition red flags

Continuously monitors resources’ digital profiles and automatically flags indicators of attrition.