Taller Technologies Together With TEDx Cordoba

Taller Technologies will take part in one of the most important technological and creative events from its community. Our organization associated TEDX Cordoba as a "Partner Inspiration" with the objective of supporting and being part of a creative collective which grows year after year.

TEDX Cordoba is the local version of one of the most innovating worldwide events whose main objective is inspiring and sharing the great value of ideas. At Taller Technologies, we feel part of this concept, since inspiration, ideas and creativity are a major part of our identity that have enabled us to continue constantly learning and growing.

TEDX Cordoba 2013 edition will be special for Taller Technologies. Not only for being part of it as Partner Inspiration, but also because one of our Tallers will try to convey his experience, history, and how ideas marked his career. Daniel Gutson, Chief Engineering Officer at Taller Technologies, has been chosen as an orator at TEDx and we are proud of having him in our organization.

We believe in inspiring ourselves and inspiring, in being creative and sharing ideas that break the mold. We believe that TEDx encourages creativity, and those reasons led us to accompany this event. Taller Technologies is innovation, inspiration and collaboration, that is why we are happy to be part of this event.