Taller Technologies Together With Agiles 2013 Peru

At Taller Technologies, we firmly believe in the Agile principles and the value it generates not only in the software industry, but also at the personal and community level. In honor and in practice of this philosophy we continue to support the Agile Community in its objective to organize the region’s most important event – Agiles 2013 – a role we have had the privilege of playing for the 2 last years.

Supporting the Agiles 2013 organization as sponsors is something we are proud to do, and are equally proud to support the growth of the Agile community by sharing knowledge and experience. To this end, we are pleased that Fabio Grigorjev, CEO & CTO at Taller Technologies Argentina, will be participating as an orator at Agiles 2013 with a presentation focused on Client Relationships within Agile environments.

With Agiles 2013 taking place this year in Lima, Peru, Taller Technologies’ Peru-based operations is highlighted as one of the best options within the Lima IT market for professionals who want to gain knowledge and practical experience using Agile methodologies and techniques. The Taller Technologies Group stands for Agile, not only as the methodology we use in our software development engagements, but as the driving principle behind how we manage our team and organization.

So if you ‘Think Agile’, then think about becoming a 'Taller' and join our innovative organization!