A New Free and Open-Source C++ Library Presented at the IX Southern Programmable Logic Conference

Eduardo Sanchez, a Software Engineer at Taller Technologies, presented his paper at the Designer Forum, IX Southern Programmable Logic Conference in Buenos Aires, taking place on 5th - 7th November, 2014. The paper reports on fault tolerance in embedded applications with RobustO (Robust - Object) library.
The new library has been developed in C++ language, it is free and open source. It allows memory bit-flip mitigation through the protection of types of application data exposed to radiation. In other words, RobustO maintains multiple copies of the same variable and checks that the stored values have not been modified by any type of interference. If any of the values were modified, RobustO fixes the modification in order to always keep copies with the correct value. 

Download the poster presented at  the SPL 2014 Designer Forum: